Ullerson Suppressor


Calibers: Multi .17-.30″

Diameter: 1.25″

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The Ullerson is the smaller version of our Uller suppressor. The Ullerson is an over the barrel suppressor designed with the hunter in mind. The threads for the Ullerson sit halfway down the suppressor. Due to this design, the Ullerson suppressor only adds 4. inches to the length of your rifle while 4. inches of suppressor encase the end of the barrel.  At the rear end of the suppressor, there is an interchangeable cap that fits tightly against the contour of the barrel. The rear cap seated tightly against the barrel creates a second point of contact that greatly improves strength, and dramatically reduces chance of baffle strike. The 1/2″ x 28 direct thread design of the suppressor means there is no need for muzzle devices or adapters.  The front of the suppressor is threaded to take our muzzle caps that change the diameter the end of the suppressor.


The changeable front caps allow for all cartridge sizes up to 30 caliber.

The rear caps can be made for barrels sized from 0.6-1.0 inches.

Diameter: 1.25″

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Grade 5 Titanium


8.0 Inches


1.25 Inches

Thread Pitch

1/2" 28 tpi


9.1 oz