Gamma 88 & Gamma 93 Barrels

Our line of Gamma Barrels are direct replacements for Blaser Rifles*.  All custom barrels are built to order, and can be ordered in any caliber**, length, twist rate etc. Our custom barrels currently have a 4-5 week lead time and 5-6 weeks for carbon barrels. We use 416R barrel blanks from Preferred Barrel Blanks. Each barrel is finished with Graphite Black Cerakote.

*J.  Sip and Sons has zero affiliation with Blaser USA or Blaser GmbH. Our barrels are made to supplement the market with calibers/combinations not currently offered from the manufacture.

**Only calibers that fit bolt heads available from the factory may be ordered. Bolt head customization is available upon request.


When ordering, please specify the desired: Caliber, Length,  Twist Rate, and any add-on options.

When ordering the picatinny base it will be mounted via 4, 8-40 screws. This will be done in addition to the factory mount. Picatinny bases are available in 0 and 20 MOA.

* J. Sip and Sons is in no way shape or form associated with Blaser Group GmbH and Blaser Jagdwaffen Gmbh.